About us

About our School

The School was started on 11th June 2001. Located in the campus are: airy classrooms, science and computer laboratories and a rich library. Besides classroom teaching, outdoor activities like sports, games, yoga and meditation form part of daily routine. Adequate encouragement is provided to develop natural talents in arts and culture. As the Students and teachers live in the same campus, a group of 25 students are under close attention of a House Parent (teacher) who stays in the quarters attached to the hostel. This results is in close individual attention. The mess provides a well balanced nutritious vegetarian diet. The teachers accompany the students to the dining hall to inculcate right eating habits. Therefore the teachers too have to constantly develop alongside students. They have to practice what they preach.

our mission

The School strives for all-round development of the student to prepare them to lead a balanced life by promoting:

Physical development
1. Right nourishing diet including milk, vegetables, fruits, etc.
2. Brisk walking, running, exercises, yogasanas, pranayama, etc.
3. Good internal & external hygiene.
4. Regular habits of eating and sleeping
5. Helping them understand that sickness is because of transgression of natural laws.
Mental development
1. Reading books on science, arts, literature, physiology, general knowledge and moral science.
2. Developing will power and self discipline.
3. Art of keeping oneself free of negative qualities like lack of initiative, anger, worry, boredom, fear, etc.
4. Cheerfulness
5. Art of concentration.
Social & Cultural development:
1. Learning the art of co-operation, and harmony.
2. Goodwill for all, value of selflessness & generosity.
3. Patriotism
4. Importance of simple living and thrift.
Spiritual development by
1. Scientific meditation and freedom from blind religious dogmas.
2. Law of sincerity in thought, word and deed.
3. Art of being truly happy
4. Cultivating impartial and free will.

School Of Excellence


School Of Excellence

The children are allowed to develop their skills and capabilities with a flexible curriculum and with the help of outdoor classes, learning materials, craft, painting, music and drama.

Our Motto


"Nothing is equal to Knowledge"

Our Faculty

The school has continued to maintain high standards of imparting quality education to the students of the school by associating with experienced faculty.

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Over the past years, we have been adding students from far and away coming to our campus for a holisting living and learning experience. Presently, in the current financial year, we have students from the following cities / towns studying the school campus:
B. Kothakota, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hoskote, Hosur, Kadapa, Kolkata, Kuppam, Mulbagal, Mumbai, Srinivaspur, Venkatagiri Kota

If one of the above cities is also your home town / native place and you would like to interact with the parents / students who are studying here from any of the above cities, please write to us and we will connect you with the respective parents / students. Parents of our students will be glad to share their experiences about the school with you.


Daily Class Schedule

08.35 a.m. Assembly / Prayer / Physical Exercise
08.50 am 1st Period
09.45 am 2nd Period
10.35 to 10.45 a.m. 1st Interval
10.45 a.m. 3rd Period
11.35 a.m. 4th Period
12.25 to 1.15 p.m. Lunch Break
01.15 p.m. 5th Period
02.05 p.m. 6th Period
02.55 to 3.00 p.m. 2nd Interval
03.00 p.m. 7th Period
03.50 p.m. Diary Checking by the Class Teacher
04.00 p.m. Long Bell / Assembly

Daily Hostel Schedule

05.30 a.m. Suprabhatam
06.00 a.m. Yoga / Jogging / Karate
07.00 to 08.00 a.m. Study
8.00 a.m. Breakfast
08.45 a.m. To School
04.30 p.m. Refreshment / Milk
04.45 p.m. Out-door games
05.45 p.m. Fresh up
06.00 p.m. Supervised study
08.00 p.m. News watch / TV time
08.15 p.m. Dinner
08.50 p.m. Diary writing
09.00 to 09.30 p.m. Prayer / Meditation
09.40 p.m. Light out