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1. Admission are open to boys and girls irrespective of class, creed or community on the basis of an entrance test.

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1. Admission are open to boys and girls irrespective of class, creed or community on the basis of an entrance test.

Why Yogananda School?


Global Outlook:

A school which is entirely global in its outlook, philosophy and character and the student is conditioned to excel anywhere in the world.

Multiple Pathways:

We offer a widespread spectrum of learning programmes to bring the world class education that you want for a cutting edge.

Learning Environment:

Conducive atmosphere at Yogananda School prepares children for intellectual curiosity, personal accountability and love for learning.

Scholastic Success:

With the high standards established and maintained, the student automatically acquires his or her entire complement of knowledge and scores top marks in the public exams.

Nourishing Education:

Way beyond academics, the institution believes in imparting holistic development to ensure the creation of a fully accomplished young human being.

Value Add on:

Value, Character, spiritual growth and time-tested values of love, obedience, hard work, service and broad-mindedness are ingrained even in the early years at the school.

Aesthetic Outlook:

The infrastructure, facilities and verdant atmosphere have been carefully planned and installed with the objective of bringing out the best in the student.

Nurture Skills:

The scope for acquiring additional skills in various fields of both curricular and extra-curricular activity is unparalleled in this part of the country.

Personal Care:

The care and personal attention that a teacher in Yogananda School bestows upon the student is indeed second only to a parent.
In sum, admitting your ward in Yogananda School is the safest bet in giving him/her, the best opportunity to emerge head and shoulders above peers in a highly competitive world.



Yogananda Vidyalaya

Who can Apply: If you are currently a prospective student of Yogananda Vidyalaya or a new applicant of Class XI with an average score of 80% or above and have a desire to get admitted in School of Excellence Program, you are eligible to enroll in Yogananda Vidyalaya Educational Scholarship. For further details, refer School of Excellence page.

Yogananda Vidyalaya School Sports Scholarship:

Who can Apply: If you are a budding student of Yogananda Vidyalaya or a new applicant studying in any class from Kindergarten to Class XI and has an excellent sports proficiency, commendable sports achievement record and strong leadership qualities at Inter-School/District/National/ International Levels, you are eligible to avail Yogananda Vidyalaya Sports Scholarship to grow at greater heights.

Admission Procedure


The students shall apply in the prescribed application form attaching a recent photo, xerox copies of previous education records and certificates. Those provisionally selected will have to come with parents to the school for a written test and interview at the specified date. This will also provide an opportunity for the parents to visit the campus. The tests will be limited to Maths, English and Science. The Standard of test will correspond approximately with that of the class which the child has just completed. Admission are open to boys and girls irrespective of class, creed or community on the basis of an entrance test. Brothers / Sisters of the present / past students will be given preference. The students will have to produce a Transfer Certificate and should have gained promotion to the class of admission by July of the year in which they are being admitted. The student birth certificate should be submitted at the time of admission. After the admission is declared final, an admission form has to be filled & Transfer Certificate, three passport size photographs have to be submitted within 3 days failing which the seat will be treated as vacant and may be filled by another candidate. Fee has to be deposited in either full or at the most in two installments. If it is not paid by the due date a nominal fine will be charged. The student's name will be struck off from the rolls in case of default beyond final date. The School authorities reserve the right to reject any application for admission / readmission without assigning any reason.

Attendance and Discipline:

The school believes in good discipline amongst our students. Slackness, disobedience and disregard for rules will not be tolerated and will be a sufficient reason for immediate expulsion and rustication without any notice. All the students are expected to be regular and punctual. Leave or absence is not granted except in written application from Parents / Guardians. Medical proof must accompany application for sick leave. It is compulsory to attend the Assembly and games daily. Attendance is compulsory on all National and important functions. No valuables are to be kept in possession of any student. School is not responsible for loss of any valuable, or cash by students. Eatables received from home is to be shared with hostel inmates.



Where is the school located exactly?

Near Kuppam Town, 90km east of Bengaluru.

What is the admission procedure at Yogananda Vidyalaya School?

Formality test and previous class merit

Whom to contact for admission enquiries?

The Principal: +91 9989347197, SSPYV Office: +91 9000093133 / +91 9000093188, Mail -

Fee Structure for Academic Year 2020 - 2021


Fee Structure for Academic Year 2020 - 2021 Refer: Fee Structure Document. For more details contact The Principal. Note: For registration and more details please enquire with the school office. Fees subject to change annually to cover the increase in costs / inflation. The decision of School Management is final with regards to provision and renewal of scholarships.

Last Date for Payment of Fees

First Term: 5th April 2020
Second Term: 30th October 2020