The school has airy class rooms, comfortable hygienic lodging accommodation and staff quarters. There are three deep borewells yielding excellent potable water. Other essential facilities like power, telephone, transport etc. are available.

To kindle a conducive learning environment on par with the best institutions worldwide, Yogananda Vidyalaya School has spared no effort or investment to ensure that the best infrastructure is made available to students to enable them to pursue their education with ease and comfort.


The labs at Yogananda Vidyalaya School are safe, spacious, ventilated and well-equipped to accommodate more than 40 students to support cutting edge experimentation. The laboratories in our institution include:

Science Lab –

A hands-on learning centre for children to enjoy learning by sheer experience. Individual labs for Physical and Biological Sciences have been set up for students of all classes. The special feature of these labs is the latest technological devices to aid scientific learning.

Math lab –

At Yogannadha Vidyalaya, math lab help the Junior and Senior students to understand abstract concepts through designed activities using manipulatives, 2D & 3D models, board games, mind games, etc. This experience allows them to discover many important mathematical principles making math learning easy and enjoyable.

English lab –

English lab at Yogananda Vidyalaya throws light to hone English learning and Communication skills, to build strong vocabulary, phonetics, intonation and modulation. We equip our young learners from Kindergarten to Class V to hone the skills of articulation and social graces to pave way for professional success in the future. PCs and headsets with microphones are assigned for every individual student to promote overall proficiency in the English language.

Computer lab –

Computer Lab at Yogananda Vidyalaya is fully networked and equipped with latest computers to accommodate 40 students proves technology is not simply taught as a ‘stand alone’ class; rather every effort is made to incorporate Technology as an information gathering tool into the subject specific area. We challenge our students and inspire them to expand their way of thinking. As our students begin to truly believe in themselves and their abilities, they develop the skills to succeed in school and life.


The best part of these trips is the experience that students get
Campus Hostel
Clean & Hygienic Food
Safely Receive and Drop

Every year, we plan to publish our own school magazine for the benefit of all the students and give them an opportunity to express their creative skills. Here we have for your reading pleasure the magazine divided in sections as per the language. These magazines are converted into PDF format for your easy download and reading purpose. You need to have any supporting PDF Viewer installed like Adobe Reader / Foxit Reader etc... to view these files.